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Mirrored Documents was an exhibition series that was developed for the UTS Masters of Architecture Program. Post- was engaged to design the exhibition and assist in the curation of the projects. The first exhibition was held in a disused office space in Surry Hills and the second iteration was held in Goodspace Gallery, Chippendale. In both exhibitions, Masters’ student work was paired with work from their tutor. The documents, being both student and professional work, present the mirrored relationship between master and student. At times this mirror is clear, other times warped and sometimes completely distorted. The exhibitions included documents that were printed, photocopied, digitally drawn, hand drawn, coded, modelled, recorded and scanned. It recognised how these documents were considered in the context of contemporary architectural production.

The first iteration drew inspiration from the Surry Hills office space location. The documents were arranged to appear as if they could have been found in the office itself. The final thesis boards, wallpapers, Facebook posts, blinds, models, cushions, videos, sketches, books, acoustic panels blended with the workspace and people attending the opening event. As wine was being poured, room-sheets were printed on-demand, in an old photocopier that was located in the centre of the space. The only concession to the conventional office space: it was only open after hours.

In the second iteration, a single plinth of earth wool cut through the two-room gallery at Goodspace in Chippendale and united the disparate objects and documents. The plinth itself became a point of interest, not just for its overwhelming scale but its texture. The furry object slowed people’s movement through the space and refocused attention to the documents on display.


Marston Bowen
Jack Gillbanks
Nicole Ho
Samson Ossedryver
Anna Tonkin
Eric Ye

In association with:
Guillermo Fernandez-Abascal (GFA2)
Urtzi Grau (UTS)

Isabella Sanasi
Marston Bowen
Samson Ossedryver
Eric Ye


Cake Wines
CULT Furniture

Mirrored Documents was made possible with the support of UTS School of Architecture