Mirrored Documents

Exhibition and lecture, 2018

Exhibition design, curation and organisation for the UTS School of Architecture

In association with Guillermo Fernandez-Abascal (GFA2) and Urtzi Grau (UTS)
One of the fundamental imperatives of contemporary architecture is that it escapes the intellectual bubble and takes place in everyday life. Mirrored Documents, attempted to do just this. With the generous support of Candalepas Associates and their client, who opened up their building in Surry Hills, Post-Post- and UTS Architecture were able to occupy several empty spaces in an office building on Foveaux Street.

The three-day occupation began with the group show opening on level 5 of the complex. Students and tutors took part in the exhibition. Most of their documents were reinterpreted as new site-specific work in dialogue with the exhibition space and its surroundings. Final thesis boards, wallpapers, Facebook posts, blinds, models, cushions, videos, sketches, books, acoustic panels… blended with the office and people attending the event.  As wine was being poured, room-sheets were printed on-demand, in an old photocopier (probably left over from the previous tenants).
The intervention wasn’t confined to a single floor either. It spilled out into the lift, a lower level and the fluorescent lit hallways beyond. Go Hasegawa’s talk ‘Bridging the gap’, located on level 4, acted as the closing event for a three-day celebration of architectural production. The title was revelatory, if Hasegawa linked history and the contemporary through four projects and mimetic gestures, the curators ‘bridged the gap’ between the tutors’ theoretical anxieties and the students’ faith in the architectural document with a lot of irony, some good taste, a touch of nostalgia, plenty of casualness, possibly too much roughness and varying tones of ambiguity.

The only concession to the conventional office space: it was only open after hours.