Post- is a publication on the periphery of architecture and sometimes a design collective.

Enquiries, collaborations & press:

If you are interested in contributing to Post- please visit the submissions page for further information.

Post- is (currently) Marston Bowen, Charles Curtin, Jack Gillbanks, Isaac Harrisson, Nicole Ho, Samson Ossedryver, Anna Tonkin and Eric Ye.


        Post- is after. It defines the present by turning away from the past. It doesn’t mark an end, rather the soft departure from an existing moment.
        Post- operates in the incessant present, where the proliferation of information dictates the speed at which certainty crumbles.
        Post- is a post-mortem of the now, approaching that endlessly reanimating exquisite corpse with the impartiality and earnestness of a medical examiner. These coronial findings will begin to reveal the actors and shapers of the city in an ongoing investigation.
        Post- is post-radical. To be radical today is to approach a topic with sincerity and clarity rather than with polemic posturing and the endless echo of conviction. To take seriously the mundane and generic, treating it with compassion and integrity.
        Post- is anti-censorial. In an age where impromptu tweets share the same space as a decade long dissertation, Post- is a platform for those who are interested in or have a stake in the built environment. From ivory towers, to the fringes of the profession, to the marginalised, to those baring pseudonyms. From interviews, essays to fictions of our ‘Post-’ conditioned environment.
        Post- is printed on 80gsm recycled paper because it is nimble. Cheap print brings forth a tactical dexterity in the face of an endless stream of information. With the same dexterity as a stray Kmart brochure, you will find Post- just before your morning coffee, after a day’s work or serendipitously lodged in the bench at the bus stop or wrapped around a half-eaten apple on the midnight express to Hornsby.
        Post- exists beyond the two faces of an 80gsm piece of recycled A4 paper.
        Post- is an open conversation about the now – it exist’s in the depths of your feed, on this website, @post.publication, in tentative symposia’s, soirees and as openly sourced content from those that have avidly or ambivalently stumbled upon Post-.