(00) Deliverables

Students will each produce an elevator pitch for a publication, including:

  1. A contents page
  2. A mock-up – a crude physical representation of your publication using what you have on hand. Consider: scale, medium, content, audience, space
  3. Wild-card – a document of your own choosing that supports your publication pitch (e.g. a collage, render, drawing, precedent images)

You will have 1 hour to complete this task.

(01) Instructions

  1. Form 5 groups of 3
  2. In groups, fill in the questionnaire below.
  3. Discuss your prompts as a group and share your interpretations.
  4. As individuals begin to consider the form and contents of your publication. Individually you will produce an elevator pitch for a publication that includes the following deliverables.

Click on each field to generate an outcome.
You will communicate to in a publication which must be .

(02) Considerations

  1. How can the format or medium dictate the reading/interpretation of a publication? 
  2. How can you manipulate/alter/subvert the materials you have on hand? 
  3. How does scale, space and hierarchy affect the relationship and understanding of content?

Work with what you have available to you.

The workshop will conclude with a series of fast-paced presentations where individuals and groups will need to present a pitch for their publication. 

(03) Moodboard

With Love,

Jack Gillbanks, Nicole Ho, Samson Ossedryver, Eric Ye and the Post- team.